What is this?

Bicycle Routes 305 - Discovering la Florida is a website about bike touring, photography and history of Florida. It was created on August 28, 2010 by Jefferson Aleman. This is an ongoing project in which so far, I have visited hundreds of cities, towns and villages around the Sunshine State, riding  well over 6.000 miles. The plan is to eventually complete the entire state. Everything you see here is original content so you would not find it anywhere else. 

Why Spanish? 

Since I started around Miami and Florida has more than 4.000.000 Spanish-speaking residents, I thought it was going to be something unique, never done before. I was so wrong!
For more than a year, I put together an English version but decided to shut it down. The reason was simple, it takes a lot of effort, time and money doing this massive work in two languages with zero support and nothing in return. This is only one my hobbies, but a really fulfilling one in the sense that I get to see and experience Florida at my own pace. Also, it helps me being in good shape.
I tried crowdfunding, contacting thousands of people and everything in between except panhandling on the streets. So be it! You can use Google translator in the meantime.