Sunday, December 26, 2021

Getting into the "Skoolie" scene

I decided that no matter how many hours I work here in South Florida, I can't afford rent or a car with less than 250k miles. I wasted the last 16 years working for motherfuckers who literally became millionaires because of me and one after the next company closed down when I fucking quit... And I'm still here, going from bad to worse.

So I bought a 1998 International 3800 T444E Diesel School Bus, of course with 387k miles but in working order. My plan was to buy a piece of land somewhere really remote in North Florida to finish my failed project of visiting the whole state and write 3 or 4 more books that only I will buy. (My last one sold 3 copies and I know exactly where they are.)

It turns out that now, investors are buying every single fucking place they can get their hands on. Prices are skyrocketing and the demand is high. If you look at places like Zillow, you can see how those lots of land available a few months ago for a mere 1k are now gone. Now they start popping up for about 16k or more. Awesome!

So me and my fucking bus. Because not a single person I know supports me in my shit. Oh, you ride a bike around the state? You're crazy! Oh, you wrote 5 books? You're crazy! Oh, you bought a bus? You're definitively crazy. Ok, so if no one is gonna help, stay out of my fucking way. Needless to say, in the meantime, I'm working on building accommodations inside. Those who only call me when they need something, including family, are nowhere to be found. Of course, I have it parked at a friend of a friend house because out of the sudden, my own family members properties have apparently shrunk to silence...

One thing I've noticed on the few dozen videos on Youtube that I glanced at, is that most people involved in this stuff are really full of it. The tiny home crowd, which makes you wonder why some individuals with enough economic means to live comfortably, choose to do it like bums. On the other hand, are the ones who don't have the means and either chose the lifestyle to travel or by necessity.

The Youtube crowd can't understand what tutorial videos are. When I'm looking for instance: How to Install a Black Water Tank, I couldn't care less about your background, your kid running around or your significant other posing by the creek. I just want to see where in hell is the damned tank located, the connections and how it works. Twenty minutes into your rants about freedom and how leaving your high paying job in Beverly Hills won't help anyone but your fucking ego.

Damn, I'm so fucking sick and tired of this place.