Sunday, December 26, 2021

Getting into the "Skoolie" scene

I decided that no matter how many hours I work here in South Florida, I can't afford rent or a car with less than 250k miles. I wasted the last 16 years working for motherfuckers who literally became millionaires because of me and one after the next company closed down when I fucking quit... And I'm still here, going from bad to worse.

So I bought a 1998 International 3800 T444E Diesel School Bus, of course with 387k miles but in working order. My plan was to buy a piece of land somewhere really remote in North Florida to finish my failed project of visiting the whole state and write 3 or 4 more books that only I will buy. (My last one sold 3 copies and I know exactly where they are.)

It turns out that now, investors are buying every single fucking place they can get their hands on. Prices are skyrocketing and the demand is high. If you look at places like Zillow, you can see how those lots of land available a few months ago for a mere 1k are now gone. Now they start popping up for about 16k or more. Awesome!

So me and my fucking bus. Because not a single person I know supports me in my shit. Oh, you ride a bike around the state? You're crazy! Oh, you wrote 5 books? You're crazy! Oh, you bought a bus? You're definitively crazy. Ok, so if no one is gonna help, stay out of my fucking way. Needless to say, in the meantime, I'm working on building accommodations inside. Those who only call me when they need something, including family, are nowhere to be found. Of course, I have it parked at a friend of a friend house because out of the sudden, my own family members properties have apparently shrunk to silence...

One thing I've noticed on the few dozen videos on Youtube that I glanced at, is that most people involved in this stuff are really full of it. The tiny home crowd, which makes you wonder why some individuals with enough economic means to live comfortably, choose to do it like bums. On the other hand, are the ones who don't have the means and either chose the lifestyle to travel or by necessity.

The Youtube crowd can't understand what tutorial videos are. When I'm looking for instance: How to Install a Black Water Tank, I couldn't care less about your background, your kid running around or your significant other posing by the creek. I just want to see where in hell is the damned tank located, the connections and how it works. Twenty minutes into your rants about freedom and how leaving your high paying job in Beverly Hills won't help anyone but your fucking ego.

Damn, I'm so fucking sick and tired of this place.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Guía definitiva de rutas en bicicleta e historia de la Florida

Descubriendo la Florida    ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8672899718
Descubriendo la Florida 2 ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8681520931
Descubriendo la Florida 3 ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8684539893
Descubriendo la Florida 4 ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8693771062
Descubriendo la Florida 5 ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8478602444

Desde 2010, Jefferson Aleman se ha dedicado a recorrer y documentar cada pueblo y zonas naturales de la Florida. Esta exclusiva aventura se encuentra disponible solamente en nuestro idioma. Descubre impresionantes enclaves y su increíble historia. Todo lo que necesita saber para disfrutar de la Florida lo tiene aquí, al alcance de su mano. No se lo pierda.

Turismo en bicicleta e historia de la Florida #1

 28 de Agosto de 2010

[Rutas en bicicleta] Descubriendo la Florida, Jefferson Aleman / ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8672899718

Ruta #1 de cicloturismo, fotografía e historia en Florida
Esta primera ruta de turismo en bicicleta o cicloturismo, fotografía e historia por el estado de la Florida coincide con la festividad de San Agustín, santo que dio nombre al más longevo asentamiento europeo en la península hace hoy 445 años. Se trata de un recorrido de 40 millas por el condado de Sarasota, del que existen diversas teorías sobre el origen de su nombre como por ejemplo, la que dice que en los idiomas nativos significa “El lugar de la danza.” Otra leyenda habla de una supuesta hija del 2° gobernador de Cuba y 3er adelantado de la Florida Hernando de Soto (1500-1542) llamada Sara de Soto y a la cual se le dedicó en la zona un festival que tuvo su inicio en 1916. De Soto estaba casado con Isabel de Bobadilla, quien le sucedió en el cargo en la perla del Caribe. Sin embargo, no tuvo descendencia. Comenzaremos junto al Myakka River y la Mabry Carlton Jr Memorial Preserve en Manhattan Farms, uno de tantos lugares olvidados en la península donde se construyó una estación de descanso en la autopista interestatal 75, que hoy se encuentra abandonada y a punto de ser demolida. Luego pasaremos por otros puntos habitados como Plantation y la ciudad de Venice, la Venecia de América, entrando por su estación ferroviaria y recorriendo el Legacy Trail, sobre el camino que seguían hasta hace no mucho los trenes de la Seaboard Air Line Railroad, reconvertido en una pista asfaltada ideal para nuestro propósito. A lo largo de este tramo atravesaremos enclaves como Nokomis, Laurel, North Venice y el Oscar Scherer State Park, antes de salir al Tamiami Trail y desviarnos hacia el oeste. Seguidamente iremos en dirección sur visitando las poblaciones de Vamo y Osprey, en la que encontraremos el sitio arqueológico de Spanish Point. Después pasaremos a las islas barrera del golfo de México descendiendo sobre Casey Key, conocido por sus millonarias y espectaculares mansiones y famosos habitantes. Finalmente veremos Nokomis Beach antes de regresar a donde empezamos.

Para ver esta y otras rutas en bicicleta por la Florida, Pulsa el siguiente enlace:

Sunday, November 28, 2021

Trading stock and crypto nowadays

Trading has been democratized! Anyone can do it but not everyone is gonna end up on the winning side. 

Most new traders are automatically attracted to penny stocks, companies whose shares are priced really low. There's a reason for that, they suck.

Then you have the runs we have seen for the the past couple of years, fueled by influencers, reddit and even Elon Musk.

Making money here has been a form of art and alchemy. Now, everyone with a phone or a computer can try their luck.

Some are gonna make it, some will lose everything.

The truth of the matter is, even experienced traders lose money but if you don't know what you're doing, you're just gambling.

There are million of websites, YouTube channels and people on Twitter who claim to know it all. 

Now it is even harder to predict outcomes because the art of reading charts and patterns has been replaced by fear of missing out and troves of redditors flocking to particular companies. 

The fact is, as usual, if you're late to the party, you'll lose.

Crypto is even worse since is not regulated in any shape or form. It is easier to manipulate. Even more by playing mind games with the inexperienced new traders.

Their game is simple. Shorting the coin so the price goes down. People sell out of panic and then buying again with huge profits. The price goes up again, people flock out of fomo and repeat.

From here, you can make your own conclusions and plan your best strategy.

Not financial advise.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Why some people hate cyclists

A city bus giving me my 3' of distance in Daytona 
Let me start bragging a bit. Since 2007, my line of work has been one way or another related to the transportation field. I've driven hundreds of thousands of miles, mainly in Miami Dade and Palm Beach counties. My driving record is perfect and I've never been at fault at an accident. I've got hit many times from behind at red lights and one time from the left side while waiting at a stop sign on Dixie Hwy in Lake Worth. 

In South Florida, someone like me is considered an idiot. Yes, I said that. Lots of people can't care less about the rest. It's the me-me syndrome of psyco-narcissism and selfishness so spread nowadays. I've felt that more while cycling though. 

As a cyclist, I've ridden thousands of miles all over the state. As the matter of fact, I've authored five books (and counting) about bike touring and history of Florida. I've covered 41 out 67 counties so far and close to 10,000 miles in 125 routes. Oh, why no one knows me? That's a story for another day. I just been a little ostracized, that's it. Outside that, I do hundreds of miles a month on the road, MTB (another Florida joke,) Gravel, BMX and everything you can imagine. I got hit once by a car while on the bike lane on A1A near Manalapan, FL! Many close calls... Maybe I'm somehow qualified to talk about it?

The first thing is obvious, I said it already. Lots of people think that the universe revolves around them. Entitlement, ignorance, the inability to foresee consequences, the superiority complex... you name it. For someone burnout of spending half of his life on the road, it's easy to detect. If you were oblivious to this, I'm really happy for you. 

Why the hate?

While a bicycle is considered a vehicle, not every cyclist follow the rules of the road. From the driver point of view, many are a hazard. Not to mention those who ride in between cars, in and out of traffic or expect the driver to have a million eyes and sensors protruding from their a$$. It's worst at night because unless you follow the Florida Law and carry lights or reflectors, it is impossible to see you. Most roads here don't have sidewalks and streetlights. Then you have the ones who ride against the flow of traffic. Nonetheless, 3' of passing distance is another sick joke. If you're on a bike lane, you're just a speed bump.

Critical Mass Rides

These rides happen in many cities once a month. The point is to raise awareness of the right of bikes to use the streets. Is it? These events are normally at night. In Miami the ride is huge, on the last Friday of the month? Here in Palm Beach County, I'm guessing it's like the 3rd Wednesday or something like that. The group consist of a bunch of kids mainly, without lights and popping wheelies between the cars. That's what I call being seen as something positive by the ones that already hate us.

When you combine all these factors together, it's not a coincidence that Florida ranks #1 in pedestrian and cyclist fatalities nationwide. You can sum it up simply with: "It's due to the lack of care for your own an others lives." Being a D-head is a fashionable hobby in the Sunshine State! Middle fingers to everyone else but me! MEEEEE! Yep, I'm sick and tired of this place and I'm too poor to go anywhere else. Last time I tried, I almost got murdered by a bunch of cultists in a ranch in Tennessee. True story.